Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Is Facebook Ads is a Fraud?

Due to booming in technology internet becomes the necessity of life. So mostly people use it in their tabs, cell phones and very easier in smartphones. And now a days every one has access to internet.  For a business to surviving in today, it is necessary  to have online presence also rather than only off-line or traditional marketing. So for online marketing generally people take helps of online ads. These online ads appear on search engine and other websites. As we know Facebook is the biggest online social media platform, and have bigger audience reach. So it is also provides business page option for organizations and ad option to promote these business pages.
Facebook normally provides 4 types of ads:
1. Boost Post :- It is only for page posts to increase the out reach.(CPM- cost per million)
2. Page Promotion :- To get more likes for page (CPC method but don't clarified by Facebook)
3. Link or Website Promotion :- To get more more visitor to website or any other webpage.
4. Order or Book Now :-  

I have a friend, who have a business page for online gifts delivery website and run Facebook ads for promoting Facebook page for it.
Facebook ads reporting tool shows it got 24 new likes even in reality it got only 7 likes for spending his money.

In reality it is really a shameful act by Facebook to provide fake like report.


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