Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Google's New Update in Oct 2015 On Hacked Website

Now a days, many webmasters are facing website hacking problems or malware affects. Malware is an abbreviated term meaning “malicious software" and it is become today's biggest problem in internet world. It is created for to gain access illegally to others computers, files, webpages. etc. It can also decrease your computer system speed.

It generally enter in the system by clicking any links or open any attachment that is programmed by expert in these. It gain access to your email accounts, send email from your account without your knowledge, gain access to contact list in your accounts and much more. So  malware becomes a biggest threat in internet users. We can avoid it by activate anti virus programs, don't click unrelated and unwanted pop up ads and don't try to download any attachment that is sent by any unknown source.

 Last week my friend asked me that there is some extra links on his website SocialMedia69 that he didn't employed in the webpage. But that time we were busy in other work. After one and half week we researched the website and have an online virus scan from an online malware scanner website  and found that the website is affected by malware, there there are not only few link, but we found these links on every pages. Then our first work was to change the user name and password because that website has been hacked. And this website's keywords have been loosen their ranking in Google search results due to Google's New update in Hacked Website. The algorithmic changes will eventually impact roughly 5% of queries, depending on the language.

Now we have removed all these external links and waiting for reconsideration for this website. Not only this website, there are many websites are affected by malware and as well as this new algorithm update by Google. But, there are many other website also that were affected by hackers but they took step very quickly and escaped safe from this update. SEO companies India also suggested to remove the virus from website as soon as possible to remain safe from this update.


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