Saturday, September 26, 2015

How to get a website for our business?

A website is an online electronic or digital document or collection of such documents where anyone can access it. So we also want to have such electronic documents about our business that everyone can know about it. These web pages are hosted on one or more than one servers that are accessible by internet.  Now the question is how can we get a website for our business?  So we need to understand the entire parts of a website. There are following parts in this phase:

  1.       Domain name
  2.       Development
  3.       Hosting

Domain name or url: - There are thousands of websites or web pages on the internet. How can any user access our website, there is a simple answer – domain name or url (uniform resource locator) . Url or domain name is the address of a website. So first of all we need to buy a domain name for our website.  It is formed by the rules and procedures of the DNS(Domain name system)
You can get any domain name for your business.  We can buy any domain name with .com, .net. org, etc. You can register any DN for your website through any DNS providers. You can register any domain for a fixed period for example one year or 2 years or 5 years after this duration you need to renew it again. A domain name should be easy and small. You can choose any domain name according to your business. For example you are running any coaching institute in Perth, and then you can use:- or or etc.

Website pages:- For webpage development you need to know HTML code with CSS & Java for a basic static web page. If you want to make it very professional and interactive than you need to get help from any professional web development company according to your business need? If you want to make an online shopping website, then you should contact any
eCommerce web development company who has more experience web application development.

Hosting: - In this phase we buy space on hosting servers for WebPages or these electronic documents. There are many hosting server space providers company, it is also same as domain name registration, and we need to renew it after a fixed period. We should choose any hosting servers with open eyes on reliability and speed of access, data transfer (Bandwidth), Technical support etc and security.


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