Sunday, July 6, 2014

English Speaking Center in Pitampura | Delhi

Welcome to the Manoj Sharma’s  English Speaking  Classes at Pinnacle competitive exam coaching center. 
We create wonderful opportunities to expand knowledge of The English language and connected to the world. Whether you wish to learn or speak in English. We offer you various courses accordingly to your need.

1.       Professional English or Corporate Training:   English coaching center Delhi understand the need of professionals and challenges they face in dealing with customers, drafting an email and attending corporate meetings. Our aim is to provide an open atmosphere to our students because we firmly believe that if our learners enjoy their classes, they learn everything quickly.
Our professional trainers have a vast knowledge of teaching corporate professionals; make you able to perform confidently.

Our material gives you practical experience and skills to enhance your language skills. So, we have a perfect course for professionals.

2.       English for Beginners:  Would you like to speak more fluently and improve your written skills, we offer you a skill based program. We have designed this English speaking course to help you improve your communication skills through fun and interactive sessions. We motivate you to share your opinion.
        If any one want to join can contact at Pinnacle Center, Near Kohat Metro Station, Pitam Pura, Delhi.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Reason Behind The Death of 24 Students in Vyas River in India

24 students died in Mandi by drowned in Vyas River.  This was really very bad news to all over the country, especially to their parents. The main reason was behind didn’t know Hindi. When the River Management Board announced the notice of flowing water in Hindi, They couldn’t have understood it. 

They were in the middle of river and suddenly the level of water increased. 16 dead bodies found till the day remaining are searched by the swimmers. They all were engineering students and on an educational trip. We can’t see their parents’ situation, what they had dreamed about their children’s future. It’s really a great loss to our country also; because in future they could serve the country. It is necessary to know about Hindi if you live in India, because Hindi is the main language in North India, if they know about Hindi; they could have save their lives. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

What Factors to Look Out in the Best Background Check Service Online?

Background check companies offer an important and effective service when you are validating the personal and professional information furnished by prospective job seekers, business partners or even employers. Equanimity is inestimable when working on such crucial tasks and you can never miss out on any detail that actually becomes a big concern as far as the safety and security of your workforce is in question. You can find a list of a large number companies offering criminal background check for employment. But when it comes to find out the best background check service to conduct pre employment background screening, then what all factors should you consider?

Similar to other background verification companies, almost every organization in this trade offer across-the-board screening services with consistency, in-time and accuracy and design bespoke packages that could even be used for single validations depending on the hiring guidelines laid down in the company policy. These verification companies that cover a wide spectrum of areas, consisting of: personal details, address confirmation, substance or drug abuse offender, criminal history, sex offender, previous employment details, educational credentials, financial history, professional license authentication and motor vehicle records.

A lot of business enterprises believe that they can actually save themselves from the effects of negligent hiring by completely verifying all the details of a prospective employee and offer an online medium that mechanize and simplifies the ordering procedure, making it easier for you to get applicant’s details more efficiently and at a faster pace. The online tools present user-friendly system that gives you result in a very simple format and cost-effective so that you can quickly make the decisions.

The best background check service provider offers screenings into different sectors and trades, including colleges and universities, government services, chemical and petrochemical, defense and aerospace, commercial real estate, healthcare, shopping centers, and transportation, financial institutions, manufacturing and industrial.

The main objective of these background investigation companies is to assist you identify the most suitable job applicant for all sorts of tasks at your esteemed organization with complete pre employment background screening. These verification organizations also help you decide whether the applicant actually has the professional qualification to apply for the job opening or not, whether he or she has any criminal track record or are there any  litigation going against him/her, and whether they have any record of reckless driving or not.
Pre employment background screening helps you out to stay away from a high turnover rate, find out faked and erroneous job applications, steer clear of negligent hiring lawsuits, and presents fact and information that helps you make an effective hiring decision.

The best background check service provider can carry out pre-employment background check on prospective employees or the applicants that would help you keep away from the risks of negligent hiring. As you get into the phase of appointing a candidate for a particular job opening at your organization, do an analysis online for the agencies that offer these verification on your behalf more accurately, efficiently and at affordable prices to validate the background of a job aspirant from the professional service provider.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Robust and Genuine Land Rover Auto Parts Beat Rough Driving Conditions

 Land Rover has created a niche in the luxury sports utility vehicle market. This sports make is not only known for its robust performance, genuine and replacement auto parts from electrical components to fuel injection components, transmission components, suspension and accessories; but rough appearance and outstanding magnificence elements at the same time, being a product of the Renowned Automotive Group of Ford.

Many Land Rover models have created a benchmark in the automobile industry in the past years; the most liked product is the Land Rover Discovery make. This opulent SUV effectively compete in the luxury SUV market in the automobile industry across the world. Powered by a LR4 SDV6, and outfitted with heavy-duty genuine Land Rover engine parts, and extremely competent fuel system auto parts, there are no second thoughts that this luxury vehicle can handle even roughest driving conditions and you drive it to any location you wish to.

Land Rover's eminent SUV model, the Range Rover that comes second in the list of popularity still is on the top with its technical specifications. The model comes with a 3.0-litre TDV6 or a 4.4-litre V8 in diesel while the 5.0-litre V8 for petrol models. Genuine Range Rover auto parts offer the utmost quality and standards with an objective to create benchmarks in the industry and to meet all the demands of luxury SUV drivers. Since the year 1970 when this model was launched, no other SUV has ever offered the same performance and luxurious features embedded in a Range Rover. With its technically advanced genuine interior auto parts, outstanding safety elements and extremely stirring performance of auto components, makes it by far the utmost luxury SUV in the auto industry.

The top as it may appear to be, SUV Land Rover models still face some general vehicle related issues and it is carefully checked and tested genuine auto parts, cause to experience attrition. Therefore, drivers need to follow correct and regular maintenance regime to keep its driving abilities integral. If any of the auto parts is damaged, might be due to an accident, drivers must ensure to change the broken part with just as quality and dependable genuine, replacement and OEM auto parts. Drivers should change their stock of discovery auto  components with robust, dependable and quality aftermarket components, replacement performance components and auto accessories is the only way to make sure driver's safety and driving contentment.

There are a lot of online retailers who are offering genuine, replacement and OEM Land Rover auto parts for different models including Discovery, Range Rover, Freelander, Defender along with the best quality car accessories. The reputation of the online vendor should be checked before you buy any product from them. These dealers assure you on-time delivery and easy replacement policies with utmost customer satisfaction. The products offered are of high quality, robust and long-lasting and can beat the roughest driving conditions.

Realizing the fact that only the quality and dependable Range Rover auto components could face severe driving conditions and gives the utmost driving contentment, so ensure you buy these products from reliable vendor who provide you with the best suited specifications of your Land Rover models. The most suited method to check the durability and quality of these replacement and OEM auto parts is to drive your luxury SUV off-road. The parts that can beat such driving conditions are durable and robust.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Advantages of Pre Employment Background Screening

Pre employment background screening is an excellent medium for employers to hire right prospective employees that can help in their business and development. There are a lot of factors of a trade that could be performed effectively by organizations without spending on any external or internal professional services. Pre employment background check doesn’t falls in this category, and although few employers try to practice it, but in most of the cases the end results negatively affects the safety and reputation of their company.

The society is getting more and more litigious, as now a common man understands the financial advantages that all sorts of court cases can bring to them. Any harm or injury caused due to negligent hiring is one of these factors where employees can file a legal suit against their employer and get financial benefits by doing so.

With the rise in information technology, computer related frauds are becoming more common as skilled and technically trained employees are behind them. Such workers normally have the right to access the confidential and sensitive information about the company and the rate of committing a fraud is higher. Business spying is a potential threat, especially to developing and innovative businesses, and employees those who are handling such information should be reliable and employers should keep a constant check on them.

A lot of small companies have ended in a disaster because of wrong hiring decisions, and bigger enterprises can face the same results due to huge amount lawsuits. Appropriate and effective employee background screening could keep away from such devastating results, and lessens the chances of bigger claims being successfully demanded in case if any employee gets hurt at the workplace due to their own or other staff members’ actions.

All prospective job applicants are strangers for employers, and the main objective behind conducting a pre employment check is a way to know them better before you decide anything. This process does not always point out the aptness or otherwise of applicants, but it makes sure that as a responsible employer you have taken due care to keep your existing workforce and premises safe and secure. If an owner fails to perform this duty, then he is legally and morally held responsible for any circumstances that happen in his workplace due to negligent hiring.

The traditional methods of hiring an employee by just conducting an interview followed up by some reference checks no more work now. With a rise in the number of internal frauds and workplace violence employers cannot take chances and avoid background screening processes.

This kind of background check for employment can flawlessly be conducted by skilled and professional companies. It is a task of an expert and in the last few years more and more companies are opting for employee screening services. It is not a simple job that could be performed by any normal management employee of a company, and it is impractical for any organization to think so.

The legal activities and details needed alone are worth the amount spent on hiring skilled pre employment background check companies. There could legal complexities involved which a normal executive might fail to realize and the employer might end up in a soup. Many state-wide rules are also added to the Federal acts.

There are various background screening processes that are prevalent, like drug abuse, substance abuse, educational check, criminal background check, etc. Employers can even ask for a prospective candidate’s credit report that could be of great help if the job opening involves money transactions.

Pre employment background check can take a lot of responsibilities off the employer’s shoulders when they are hiring new candidates. With the passing time, not only the rules are getting tougher, but at the same time the punishments for failing to perform appropriate background screening are also too high if not performed in a professional manner. Employers should do a favor for themselves by hiring professional and skilled pre employment background check companies and relax.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Glorious India and It's Culture Part -2

In last post as I described about J&k, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh.  Now we come to Haryana- It’s really a simple state. Now it’s known for sports and richness.  We find only wars in Haryana’s history – from Mahabharata to Panipat’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd wars. But because of mutual understanding of people here, it counts as an advance state of India. 

Delhi is the Capital of India.  We can say its heart of this country. Delhi is really a place for cool people and amazing life style.  There are so many historical places in Delhi like – Akshardham  Mandir, Lotus temple,  Red Fort etc.

Now we come to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar both states. Both are really amazing states of India. The main attraction of these states is politics here. Both states have a very rich history.

 God Ram, God Krishna, Mahatma Budh, Mahavir Jain,  Samarat Ashok or many more great sprits  were also born in these states. 
Utrakhand is a new states which was separated from Uttar Pradesh.  While Jharkhand also a new states and it was separated from Bihar.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Glorious India and It's Culture

India is a great country. It has 28 states and 7 union territories. Now we are providing here a brief details about some of the Indian states.

Punjab is famous for its Punjabi culture, Bhangda dance, Punjabi music industry, album songs with mix life style of luxuriousness and simplicity .

 There are so many popular singers like :- Harbhajan Man, Babu Man, Hansraj Hans, Jazzy B, Gurdas Man, Amrinder Gill, Honey Singh. There are so many good places here but Golden Temple is most famous.  After Punjab we come to Jammu - Kasmir, Its a very glorious state of India. There are so many beautiful lakes and Amarnath Yatra most famous.

Every one wants to come here for Amarnath Yatra. The tourists tell awesome stories about it. It's like paradise on earth. Himachal Pradesh is also one of the most beautiful states in India.There are so many beautiful hill-stations like Shimla, Nanital and others.